About me

Hi there! I’m Sam – a coffee loving, sunrise hunting dad and I live in the fantastic city that is Bristol, in the South West of England in the UK. I was born in the city and grew up not far from here, before meeting my wife at university in Exeter, and then heading off to the big smoke in London, only to return not many years after. I’ve worked in marketing and publishing and currently can be seen building websites and doing all kind of other things over here.

My photography

Over the last few years I’ve developed a love for photography. If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed I’m quite partial to sunrises (the golden hour is the best time of day, no question). Having a young child has instilled in me an ability to be awake at the crack of dawn (who needs sleep when there’s so much playing to be done?), and so I started walking our dog early in the morning as a result. I quickly realised not only did I have the entire city mostly to myself, but that when the sun creeps up and casts incredible rays across the town I really had no choice but to go armed with my camera. Most of the photos on my site are available to purchase as prints (from A5 upwards) – visit the Shop for more. You can say hi here.

In the press

I recently was commended by the judges of Landscape Photographer of the Year and my photo features in the 2021 LPOTY book. My photography has featured in Amateur Photographer, BBC Sky at Night, The Guardian, Observer, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, amongst many others.

I am a commercially-insured A2 c of c certified drone pilot.