Durdle Door sunrise through arch

durdle door sunrise through arch

For a few weeks each year, the sun rises in exactly the right position to be seen through the arch of Durdle Door, at Lulworth Cove. For a fan of sunburst photography, it really was something I couldn’t miss out on! Even though the forecast wasn’t great, it looked like the best shot I had for a while, so I popped out of bed at 4:30am (well dragged myself) and zipped off to the south coast. Even though there was a bank of cloud on the horizon when I got there, it moved off just in time… what a morning!

durdle door sunrise through arch durdle door sunrise through arch durdle door sunrise through arch durdle door sunrise through arch

The land of fire and ice (and loads of waterfalls)

It had been on my holiday to-do list for some time, but finally we took the chance to go for a few days to the epic awesomeness that is Iceland. It was ridiculous – in a good way. Vast mountains, huge waterfalls, geysirs, volcanoes, alien landscapes and neverending roads. This was photography heaven, and we are DEFINITELY going back…

Bristol & Beyond Photography Exhibition

I’m delighted to have been asked by talented local photographer The Bristol Nomad to join him and other gifted artists Chris Hill and Sam Miles in his exhibition showcasing the best of this city and the surrounding area.

The Bristol Nomad Photography exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

More details:

An evening of friendly faces, free wine, beautiful music and most importantly fantastic art.
Join myself (The Bristol Nomad), Chris Hill, Sam Miles & Sam Binding on a journey around your city and beyond.

7pm – 8pm Drinks 🍷
8pm – 9pm Live Music, drinks 🎶
9pm – 10pm charity auction for Cots for Tots and a few other surprises

For more details click here – https://theislandbristol.com/event/bristol-and-beyond/